My Konata Figma finally arrived!!! ^~^


konatafigmabannerI suddenly got a mail form Planet Japan so its time for another issue of the ferrets booty cause i finally got the Konata Figma from max factory i wanted for ages ^~^

konatafigma01The problem was when this little beauty came out first it was out of stock really fast and even got discontinued after T.T The remaining ones sold at ebay for very high prizes but Max Factory finally started to produce her again because of the big demand, and they even work on a summer uniform version right now ^~^



She comes with a big selection of hands and two cute faces ^~^ what i really love about Max Factory’s Figma is the quality and the little details like adding a storage piece for the hands and a little close able Figma bag for spare parts. You can even choose if you want to put the transparent Figma base “crane” in her back or on the back of her hair (which even has a covering piece for the hole if you put the crane on her back)

konatafigma03Her joints are moving very smoothly and its a lot of fun posing her.

konatafigma04And she even brought her famous Choco Cornet! OMNOMNOMNOM ^~^

konatafigma05Here is a comparison with the Hatsune Miku Figma i already have ^~^ Figma are great!!!

konatafigma06Fun with Figma! Konata Hatsune Miku Cosplay Edition lol ^~^

Kona-chan since when are your legs that long? o.O

konatafigma07UCHUUU TETSUJIIIN KYODAIIIN~~~!!! ^~^


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4 Responses to “My Konata Figma finally arrived!!! ^~^”

  1. songochang Says:

    the last 2 pic are just IKKSDÄÄÄ

  2. Akito Says:

    I didn’t think she would look good in Miku’s clothes….! Oh God this just make’s me want to experiment even more on my figmas!!!

    • ohkikaze Says:

      yeah it surprised me too i thought her head would be too big but it really suits her ^~^ too bad it don’t works with miku in konatas cloths thou, her head is too small >.<

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