Call of Booty 3: Girls at War


booty 3-bannerI was at the shop again yesterday so its time for the third part of  “the ferret´s booty” ^~^ (bad pun in the title included)

booty 3-1This time i got Konami´s “Bosou Shinki”  MSS TYPE PANZER: Murmeltier (such a cute name ^~^ Murmeltier is German for groundhog), a very old issue of the G´S Magazine (march 2007) and last but not least another 2 picks of the Lucky Star Carddass^~^

booty 3-2My little Murmeltier is part of the Busou Shinki franchise of Konami, all armed girls ready for combat which are designed by various famous Illustrators like Shimada Humikane and BLADE. They also come with a registration code for Busou Shinki BATTLE RONDO, a free online game where you can raise, train and customize your girls and fight against other peoples Shinkis, each figure comes with a unique Registration code to unlock the girl you bought in the game for you. The game is only in Japanese and i haven’t managed to get it to run on my PC yet but hopefully someday.

booty 3-3The releases of the figures work like this: Konami makes a contract with a certain artist to design a pair of characters for them which usually are opposing each other (Type Fighter Asuka (a jet) and Type Panzer Murmeltier (a tank) or Type Angel Arnval and Type Devil Strarf for example) i will make a more detailed article about the Busou Shinki in the future.

booty 3-4Murmeltier was designed by one of my favorite illustrators Shimada Humikane. He also made the designs and concept for Konamis “Mecha Musume” Figures and the Strike Witches.

booty 3-5Next is the G´S Magazine (March 2007) which feels very nostalgic cause many games and series i like got announced in this issue like Shakugan no Shana first season, Utawarerumono, The Higurashi no naku koro ni Visual Novel and the first Kara no Kyokai movie.

booty 3-6Older issues of magazines are always a nice discovery^~^

booty 3-7And it came with a cute cellphone strap of Mai from “Brighter than dawning blue”,  i love magazine goodies^~^

booty 3-8This times Lucky Star Carddass motives are very nice too^~^ finally got the beach Konata i wanted and the one with Yutakas gang (lol i love Patty, “so many difficult Japanese words i don’t understand” ^~^) some parts of this cards are mirror foiled.

booty 3-9Oh and earlier this week Sega Prizes “LiveAlive” Nagato Yuki made her way onto my desk as well.^~^


Thats  it for this times the ferret´s booty, im off to treat my poor wallet now, im not sure if it survives the big hole this month made T.T


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7 Responses to “Call of Booty 3: Girls at War”

  1. songochang Says:

    nice stuff dude
    but yo need a better cam

    • ohkikaze Says:

      i know but i dont want to spend money on a decent one… they are just too expensive >.< i think the olympus i use right now has to last for a while, exept for reviews

  2. Noot Says:

    echt süß! ich muss mir auch mal wieder merchandise besorgen ^___~

  3. Amyy Says:

    Murmeltier ist einfach nur toll!! *-*
    Sie ist so süß!!!!!!
    Ein Gedicht von einer Figur!!! ❤
    Würd sie am liebsten einstecken und mitnehmen

    • ohkikaze Says:

      haha nix da, sie is schon so trainiert das sie sich gegen langfinger wehrt ^~^
      bin echt zufrieden mit ihr, shimada humikane weiss halt wie man tolle charas designed

  4. DonSenilo Says:

    I need absolutely one too ^^

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