Chara-ani´s Shana & Kazumi Yoshida 1/8 Figures


shana bannerThis times figure review will be Chara-ani´s Shana & Kazumi Yoshida from the series” Shakugan no SHANA second” They both come in their Gym class uniform with a little unique “extra” ^~^

Q7250098To be honest, when i saw this sets  preview on the net i was pretty sure the price would be way out of my reach. And now they are sitting on my desk, painting a smile on my face every time i see them^~^. They came with a nice round base that looks like a wooden floor, pretty cool but it kinda feels a little too small for both figures which is a shame. The overall quality, details and paint job are very good as well as the expressions. Its fun that their poses suit each other creating a little “fanservice” scene. They also came with a little feature and here is where the fun starts ^~^

Q7250099Removable rubber buruma hahaha ^~^ Its so much fun to play around with. At first i was worried they would rip easily while switching but they are really elastic and durable. Why switching you ask?

Q7250113Because they come with two pairs of buruma! The red ones they wear in the anime and the navy blue ones wich are the classic colors for buruma. Lets take a closer look at the panti….ehm girls.

Q7250111I really like Shanas twintail look, thou not as much as her Enpatsu Shakugan one ^~^


Q7250103I dont really like yoshida all that much, shes cute and nice but not as interesting as shana (im a sucker for tsundere lol specially with the voice of Kugimiya Rie)


Canti was brave enough to risk a closer look… poor guy i gotta fix him after that.

So that was my second figure review hope you liked it^~^ If you have some suggestions or tips feel free to leave a comment.


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2 Responses to “Chara-ani´s Shana & Kazumi Yoshida 1/8 Figures”

  1. songochang Says:

    the last pic is the best^^

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