Final Fantasy XIV Main Page Updated!


final-fantasy-14-logoSince the launch of the teaser site i really wanted to know more about the world of Hydaelyn. Today Square Enix made a major content update on their Finaly Fantasy XIV main page.

ffxivsyxx11680x1050Being a long time lover of FFXI i was really thrilled to see my beloved races in FFXIV and now we finally know their new names and backgrounds:


hyurFThe Hume from FFXI Are now called “Hyur” . Their story is kinda similar but its interesting that they are divided in two groupes: the Midlanders in the plains and the Highlanders in the Mountains. I wonder if you can choose wich group your character is from and if that would make some differences in appearance or stats. Would be interesting.


ElezenFThe Elvaan from FFXI are now called the “Elezen”. The are originally a nomad race which once dominated Eorzea. They believe that this prominence was ordained by the gods and because of that they developed an esteem sense of honor and pride. They perceived the immigration of the Hyurs as an invasion and both races share a past plagued by warfare. At present they are coexisting peacefully except of the split up group of the “Duskwing Elezen”.


LalafellFThe Tarutaru from FFXI are now called “Lalafell”. The originally were a group of agriculturists inhabiting the fertile lands of the south seas. They soon found their way to Eorzea from oversea trade routes and are now one of the more populous races of the region, though they remain averse to cold climates. The short, rotund builds of the Lalafell belie an incredible agility and many of them posses highly developed and cunning intellects. They also place a big deal of significance into familiar bounds, but are by no means unfriendly to outsiders.

I wonder why they are originally agriculturists now instead of mages and researchers, maybe they arent the “best” mage race this time. (And the Lalapool girls are sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!! ^~^)

MiqoteThe Mithra from FFXI are now called “Miqo’te”. They are originally hunting tribes wich came over to Eorzea during the Age of Endless Frost, as the seas turned to ice, opening a passage for foreign fauna to the shores of Eorzea. They diverges into two physically distinguishable groups: The diurnal “Seekers of the Sun” and the nocturnal “Keepers of the Moon” Both groups share a superb sense of smell and powerful leg musculature, results of long evolution geared towards hunting and predation. Comparatively few in numbers they maintain an insular group mentality, tending to avoid contact to other races. Many individuals lead isolated lifestyles, even when residing in the more populous cities.

I always loved Mithra and seeing them in full HD glory is a sight to behold^~^ Im very interested again in the groups and their impact in gameplay. Maybe the nocturnals look sleepy during the day haha that would be cute.

RoegadynThe Galka from FFXi are now called “Roegadyn”. The Roegadyn are maritime people whose largest concentration are found in the northern seas, by the way of which they came to Eorzea. (lol vikings?) They possess enormous, muscular builds and are known for the cultural emphasis they place on competition and unflinching courage, though tender, introspective individuals can also be found. Roegadyn in and around Limsa Lominsa are typically seamen, mercenary’s bodyguards or even pirates (ARRR^~^) Far away, deep in the mountains of Ul’dah, live mountain clans of reclusive Roegadyns called the “Hellguard”, said to have mastered the magical arts. (WTF the new uber mages are maybe “galka”?)

The main difference in appearance from FFXI is that they lost their lizardlike tails and have 5 fingers now.  Its interesting that there seem to be a clan that focuses on magic (maybe its revenge from being laughed at as mages in FFXI by noobs haha)

That are the “new” races in Final Fantasy XIV, but there are rumors that other races might follow in the future. Now i show you 3 of the beautiful city-states that got revealed.


Limsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa


I think i wanna live in Limsa Lominsa, its just too epic haha^~^

For more and more detailed information about Final Fantasy XIV please check out

Hope you liked that little glimpse into the world of SquareEnix´s new MMORPG for PS3 and PC which is sayd to hit the stores 2010, im looking forward to it^~^.


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  1. songochang Says:

    this game will be awesome^^
    i cant wait to play it^^

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