The “Lucky bag” of awesomeness!


lucky bag bannerA few days ago Tasuku, my friend from japan who was in austria for a year now suddenly came to visit me^~^.

And then he gave me this bag…

lucly bag 01He was an exchange student for a year now and we did hang out fairly often playing touhou at my place or laughing at funny youtube or niconico douga videos. Now he had to go back to japan but before he went back, his mother came over from japan to pick him up and visit Vienna, and she brought this bag for me^~^

lucly bag 02

I was filld with various Lucky star goods cause he told her that its my favorite anime and they live at the town where lucky star takes place (how awesome is that?!^~^)

Now lets go into detail^~^

lucly bag 03Firstly we have a sweet little wooden cellphone strap, shaped like a cherry blossom with a picture of konatas mother kanata engraved ^~^

lucly bag 14The bag itself seems to be from the big lucky star concert which was at 29.03 .2009 and its made out of fabric^~^

lucly bag 04Then there is this cardboard box wich tasuku told me its a rare collectors writeing set with a quiz book.

lucly bag 05

lucly bag 13

lucly bag 11

lucly bag 12Please excuse the crappy picture quality on the inside shots of the quiz book, the cam decited to break again while i did them T.T.  I cant really read any of the questions but its looks like fun haha

lucly bag 06Then underneath there is the actual writeing set ^~^ A metallic mechanic pencil with konata on it. It feels funny cause the grip is kinda made of soft silicon. A eraiser with miyuki on it (wich i will never use) and a rule with kagami and tsukasa on it^~^

lucly bag 07Im so going to use the pencil for my next drawing lol

lucly bag 08And a very cute pencilcase, god i love that kitty^~^

lucly bag 09Even the zipper is a kitty haha

And there was the artbook i already bought some weeks ago….


when i opened it my heart skipped a beat

lucly bag 10Its a autograph from Yoshimizu Kagami, the creator of lucky star with a personal note for me O.o

It roughtly translates to:

To Ohki Kaze!! Thank you for your support!! Yoshimizu Kagami. Undernote: Thank you very much.

The story behind this is: tasukus mother is an acquaintance of yoshimizu kagami and asked him for an autograph for me. I still cant believe how lucky i am, this book is a Kaze family heirloom from now on!!! haha

Thank you very very much Tasuku and Mrs. Ando!!!!!!!!!!

Words cant describe how happy i am.


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3 Responses to “The “Lucky bag” of awesomeness!”

  1. Amyy Says:

    WAAA~ Du hast so verdammt Glück!!! Q.Q

  2. Schuldig Says:

    uuuuuh hast dus gut =^.^= kleinen schatzbeutel hast du da süße website hast du da! weiter so!!!

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