Mini Tsundere and G´s COMIC Festival! with Dakimakura cover ^~^


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Today i was in vienna again at the “Planet Japan”. The weather was really bad it was pouring like crazy, but thats nothing a real Otaku would let get between him and his Bishoujo goodness. ^~^

My buddy Randolf accompanied me on this journey throu the rain cause i wanted to show him the shop for quite a while. And i got some nice treasure to make the trip more than worthwhile.

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booty2 03This is my first issue of G´s COMIC Festival! and i was surprised how well it was printed. Why do you ask? Cause the thing is as thick as a telephone book! (the “Shonen Jump” is almost as thick and looks like toilet paper in comparison) In there are lots and lots of manga chapters from various Visual Novels (and eroge) like D.C. II, To Heart 2, Moonlight Cradle, Umineko no naku koro ni (with higurashi characters as guests lol), Flyable Heart,Honey Coming and Little Busters (i love the art style and character design of that game!). It even had a free D.C. II Dakimakura cover (Hug pillow, Body pillow) wich is made of synthetic fabric and is 155x50cm big. Thats one of the reasons i picked the magazine up, comeon thats one hell of a free magazine extra haha.

booty2 04It was really wrinkly form being folded that often but i think after ironing it a few more times it will be ok, i don’t know how to handle that kind of fabric so i was very cautious at ironing it with low temperature. The print is beautiful and the sewing looks good too^~^ Too bad i don’t have a proper pillow yet to put it on. (they are really expensive for pillows)

booty2 05

booty2 08

booty2 06

I was also finally able to get my hands on the Shakugan version Nendoroid Shana from Goodsmile Company, i wanted that little cutie for along time^~^. The faces and arms are swappable and the expressions are sooo cute and hilarious i really love it. Specially the grumpy and “urusai! urusai!” ones lol. I guess my apartment has a little tsundere queen now ^~^.

booty2 02I also tried my luck again at the Lucky Star Carddass and got this two motives this time^~^

booty2 07Oh and look who else followed me home^~^ Its the Pink Melissa this time. I wonder if they turn into to the real melissa if i collect them all…


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