Project Monster Hunter Gathering Hall Vienna


mohan post bannerOne of my currend projects is the organisation of a Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Gathering Hall in vienna ^~^. I liked monsterhunter since i played the first on my PS2, and now Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for the PSP finally arrived in Europe and im playing it together with some friends of mine.

The coolest thing about MH on the PSP is that you can wireless connect your psp to those of up to 3 of youre friend and hunt the epic beasts together as a team. Then i saw an article on (the best Monster Hunter commuity out there in my opinion) that capcom opened a “Gathering Hall” in London where players can meet up and slay monsters together and have fun.



I really liked that idea and so i started to search for a good location like a bar with an extra room or something and i got really lucky^~^. I used to play trading card games back in the day like “magic the gathering” and remembered a shop where they have a huge hall with lots of desks and seats for card tournaments. I went there to ask if it would be possible to hold that kind of events at their place and got their OK if its on a day like Friday where the place is usually pretty empty anyway. Im about to make some flyers and stuff to gather some hunters and will post in the future if my little plan was a success^~^

BTW here is the full version of the picture from above^~^



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2 Responses to “Project Monster Hunter Gathering Hall Vienna”

  1. Kiko Says:

    Hi I will come to the meeting of hunters. I played since the first MH released. I know 5 more people who plays MH ^^

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