Goodsmile Company´s Hiyori Pixy 1/8 Figure



My first figure review will be about Goodsmile Companys lovely Hiyori Pixy.

Shes originally a character from the eroge CHUxCHU IDOL by Union soft. Since shes from an eroge (Adult Video Game) this article contains some nudity ^~^ Not that she dosnt show enough skin already lol


I had my eye on her for quite a while after i saw her in the shop but she was rather expensive so i wasnt sure if i really should buy her, but in the end im really happy i picked her up^~^ She is sculpted by Hajime Kaiya who already made some of the other girls of CHUxCHU IDOL for Goodsmile Company.

HiyoriPixy_frontI really love the big pumpkin hat its so cute^~^. The hat also astound me with a feature that i saw for the first time on a figure, it actually uses a magent to stay on top of her head. More figures should have features like that i cant count how often lose parts like hats fell off of my figures when i move them around. The little Blue haired girl is a box figure of Melissa Seraphy also from CHUxCHU IDOL well at least a part of her, they came in 5 different colors and there was a minigame in the game where you saw colored melissas falling only in pantys and you had to catch them with the pumpkin dress in the right color lol. Its seems the colored melissa´s were parts of her when she split up for some reason… my japanese wasnt good enough to figure out what happend >.<


Shes very well made even from close up and i really like the coloartion of her skin, it looks so soft ^~^. She is fixed on her base by 2 pins in her right foot wich holds her in place suprisingly good for such small pins, i have figures with way bigger pins that still feel like they fall over any second. Now lets go on to some detail shots^~^


HiyoriPixy_detail2That straps she wears as a top fits very good on her chest its exactly the right size. Its funny that you can only see her “panty clip” from the front, thats the only non removable part of her clothing. The only little minus are her transparent leg warmers, they are removable as well and because of that they are made in two pieces connected with pins and you see where they connect on the side. Even those pins are very well made, they are little “ball joints” and hold the pieces together very good. Lets see whats underneath that blue straps of hers  ^~^HiyoriPixy_nude2The details on the chest are very nice made and well painted^~^

HiyoriPixy_nude1I wouldnt have thought that her nipples would be that detailed, they look pretty realistic.

HiyoriPixy_nude3And she has a very nice back^~^


That wraps up my first figure review^~^ Hope you liked her as much as i do hehe. I would be happy about comments^~^. Finally here are some artworks of Hiyori to enjoy









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2 Responses to “Goodsmile Company´s Hiyori Pixy 1/8 Figure”

  1. DonSenilo Says:

    Nice ^^
    Nakedness is always a large plus !!
    That would be a onetimes “Showeet” Cosplay^^

  2. Keung Says:

    HAWT !

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