The Otaku´s lair, part 1. ^~^


Q7250124Today was a fun day^~^. My pal root came over with his photo equipment and helpd me with some pictures for my first figure reviews. While we were at it i thought “why not take some pics of my desk and post them as well?”.

And this starts the post series “The Otaku´s lair” where i will upload pics of my apartment and how i decorated it and stuff.


First is my Desk^~^.  Since my figure collection is growing in numbers lately i had to set up little displays left and right made of glass and old anime (and futurama lol) VHS cassettes. Here is where i usually draw pictures or assemble modelkits. The whole thing is handmade by my dad btw^~^. Once i had a big PC monitor sitting in the middle but since i got a very nice LCD TV with a PC in i only use that now.

Q7250127Here is where i store my megami magazines, its pretty full already haha, i love the little lucky star calendar i found ^~^ The little orange lucky charm was actually purified at a temple in japan, a friend got it for me while he was in japan.

Q7250125Since the big monitor is gone, the girls even conquered the window ^~^

Thats it for this time! Hope you liked it^~^, i will post pics of the other parts of my apartment as soon as i cleaned it enough lol.


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3 Responses to “The Otaku´s lair, part 1. ^~^”

  1. Aya Says:

    ach das erinnert mihc an allte zeiten als du noch bei deiner mum gewohnt hast *gG

  2. DonSenilo Says:

    Showeet ^^
    I have the same >HaibaneRenmai Box ^^

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