LuckyStar artbook and some other discoverys ^~^



Its official summer now… not my kind of season cause i hate the heat but i managed to drive to Vienna under the scorching sun and it was really worth it.

The last visit at my favorite Otaku shop in Vienna about a week ago had some nice surprises for me^~^

i managed to get my hands on a really cool lucky star artbook, 3 lucky star  “carddass” and the actual megami magazine volume 110. Time to check out the booty^~^


I really love this book^~^ Its the official “Lucky star anime artbook”

Inside are reviews of all episodes, character profiles, concept art, seiyuu interviews, staff interviews and more!

Its all in japanese so i cant really read it but the layout and all the artworks make up for the language barrier.

P1010001The character profile pages look like this, of course i pickd my beloved Konata for the picture ^~^. Its so cool they evern added every outfit she wore in the series.

P10107005These are neat little A5 plastic partly transparent collectable cards Calld “Carddass” ,you can even get them from vending machines in japan.

There are 16 different ones in this set and you dont know wich one you get cause they are in the paper envelope at the picture above. I bought 3 cause they are pretty cheap, only about 3€ per piece and i will get more ^~^.

P1010004Im very happy with my motives^~^ They are all so cute!

P1010005Specially this one cause it make me think summer isnt that bad after all haha.

P10100042And last but not least this months Megami magazine^~^ I’m so happy i finally found a shop where i can buy it every month without missing an issue. If you don’t know the megami magazine, its a bishoujo magazine with lots and lots of fold out posters in it and sometimes stuff like little art booklets, pencil boards or even magazine exclusive drama CD´s ^~^. My friends call it        “Ohki´s playboy magazine” lol.

P1010002This months extra was a nice K-ON! Sticker sheet^~^

So thats all for this times “Ferret´s Booty”, i really need to work on my camera skills lol (the flash is my enemy). I hope you enjoyed it and maybe you buy some of the stuff you liked too now! Im always grateful for comments^~^ see you next time!


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2 Responses to “LuckyStar artbook and some other discoverys ^~^”

  1. Extenze Says:

    my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.

    • ohkikaze Says:

      if you are interested in more detailed information about something you can ask me^~^ i maybe make an extra article about it

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