Made in Japan 2009 Day 2



The Made in Japan 2009 is over and im slightly recovering from this two exhausting days of convention fun ^~^.

My Day 2 started really bad.  You remember the Camera without Batterys last post?

Well today i brought them but the Camera decided to die on me…, the light sensor broke, rendering it unusable.

Good that my Kameko pal Root sent me his pics and im not returning emptyhanded.

Firstly here a summary of some of the Cosplayers strolling around the con the last two days:

Q7040099First my favorite Cosplay this event, Midna from “The legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess” Its so awesome !!!






Oh look its Noitora from Bleach, i wonder if Uri Geller could bend him lol.






Q7050402Dr.Evil and Mini ME………..WTF haha



Q7050411Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII ^~^ A cosplayer from the future perhaps?


Q7050432Dr. Stein from Soul Eater, first thing i checkd was if the screw turns and it does haha


Q7050464A pretty sweet Youko from Gurren Lagann^~^ too bad the haircolor didnt match.


Q7050494This Nana from Elfenlied has my vote for the bravest cosplay this event.

Q7050512And lastly whats a convention without our friends in the cloudy mantles haha.

If you want to see more pictures check out roots gallery: 2009/default.htm

I also bought some stuff again^~^


Another older Megami Magazine volume 84 with a awesome free Nanoha StrikerS Drama CD in it.

45667Mon-sieur Bome´s Kiddy Grade Figures^~^

I always wanted my own little Lumiére and i got them for a real good price too.

64I also pickd up Resident Evil 5 for my Xbox 360 ^~^.

I didnt see much of the 2nd days program cause i paricipated in two videogame tournaments


The first one was Streetfighter IV, the last time i playd Streetfighter was Streetfighter 2 so i got eliminated in the first round after a good beating…poor Sakura T.T


The second was SoulCalibur IV wich i used to be pretty good in (about a year ago)

Now you can guess which character more than half of the people have chosen to play with…


Oh look its my special “friend” Killik, who would have thought that? >_>  I always hated to fight against killik, his range and moves are so annoying. I playd Nightmare cause my beloved Kamikirimusi wasnt allowed in the tournament and her moves are the same as Nightmares anyway. But i wasnt so lucky, in the second round i was up against the best player there and he totally destroyd me (and won the tournament after). But both tournaments were still fun^~^

Q7050440There was also a Noodle eating tournament wich was funny to watch.


At the end was a live performance of the band “Lolita Complex”.

They were pretty good and played Deathnotes first opening “The world” among other songs.

After the convention i helpd the “Powerplay” booth (they organized the tournaments) packing all the big tvs and equipment cause my friend andi was with them this year, and after that me and andi went to the restaurant “Chens cooking” for a well deserved meal after work^~^

If youre ever near Wr.Neustadt check it out the place is absolutely awesome with a Teppanyaki/chinese/sushi all you can eat buffet.

So that was my very first event coverage of the “Made in Japan 2009”

I hope you liked it and check back from time to time for new articles^~^



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