Made in Japan 2009 Day 1



Today was the first day of the Austrian anime convention “Made in Japan” in Wr.Neustadt. Its just about half an hour away from my apartment with a direct train connection, lucky me ^~^

This is the third MiJ i attended and it was quite fun^^,  i saw some really awesome cosplayers and met many people i know.

I even got my paws at  2 older japanese “Megami Magazines” volume 90 and 91. Since i started to collect them from volume 99 that was pretty cool.

megami 9073651V

I also bought Virtua Fighter 5 for my xbox360 for mere 12€, a nice bargain.

Mainly bought it because of the new character Airin (Eileen).

vf5-eileenI totally fell in love with her when i playd the downlodable Demo a while ago.

Whats cooler than a cute young japanese talking girl that does monkey kung-fu? (it looked more like kitty kung-fu to me haha ^~^)

I also made the mistake to buy a “secret box” at one of the merchants stands, it was random stuff wrapped in a japanese newspaper and it had the shape of a figurebox so i couldnt resist, all i got was some really crappy to slightly crappy merchandise…

It was an awful naruto mousepad (i gave it to a girl that wanted it for some reason), a little better Gundam seed destiny purse wich i didnt liked cause it was kinda cheap and full plastic (i gave it to a friend of mine that liked it, wow im giveing away stuff today thats not very like me lol), a cheap fullmetal alchemist keychain with winry on it, it isnt printed that well but i like it so its on my key now and last but not least the reason the “secret box” was figurebox shaped, a small ToHeart figure, the face is nice but the seifuku is made out of cloth and not very well done, i cant even display her in her undies cause she has a very ugly cut on her belly under the cloths where the upper body connects to the lower, but i think i can do something about that. The price tags still were on all the stuff so i know now that i gave away the crap i didnt like i payd the full price for the two remaining underwhelming things, screw you secret box!!!!

They also had some stage performances.

I arrived kinda late at the con because of my rotten luck when it comes to catching a train so i missd the “Otaku Duel” and the group Cosplay contest.


The first performance i saw was from the German group “Daijoubu”, they made a Sailormoon parody last year wich i really liked (pic above) but this time they did a Pokemon parody performance. To be bold i didnt really like it, some stuff was funny but not really my cup of tea and they had “problems” with the sound. The stage was in the main hall so you could hear it everywhere in the whole building and it was annoyingly loud sometimes, gave me an unpleasant shiver everytime they yelld into the micophones, but thats not theyr fault.

After that i strolld around so i missd the Final Fantasy Quiz (my friend ryo got a FFXI question wrong, haha serves him right, jk^~^ and another friend won and got FF1 for the psp, grats lisa!)


After that was the performance of Shiroku, a girl that covers animesongs on various conventions in europe since about 4 years, she was very very good, unfortunally i missd the first few songs (a friend told me she was singing “Naraku no Hana” from the anime “Higurashi no naku koro ni KAI”, dammit i wish i heard that i love that song)

CB index

You also had the chance to buy a concert ticket for the band “Cinema Bizarre” with your convention ticket but since i didnt knew the band and it wasnt japanese i passd on it. But in the end just before the concert started i got a free ticket from a friend (thanx for the homoerotic delight andi lol ^~^).

The concert was in a nice hall a small walk away from the convention, it wasnt music i would usually listen to but it wasnt bad either, the first song had piano notes in it that reminded me of the Xbox360 game “Mirrors Edge” and the “boys love” show on the stage was amuseing (for me at least)

Today i took my camera with me to make lots of pretty pictures for you to enjoy, but when i arrived i noticed that my cameras batterys were still at home in the charger T.T i cant believe i forgot them.

But i was able to snatch a few pics from a friends cam (he put them on my memorystick) but i have no cable for my cam or a cardreader right now so i will add all the photos tomorrow and use some that i found on the net for now.

That was the first day of  Made in Japan 2009, hope you liked it and feel free to leave comments

The day2 article comes tomorrow with a big picture update on both articles. ^~^


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2 Responses to “Made in Japan 2009 Day 1”

  1. zekewm Says:

    Cool, looks like it was a cool event.

  2. kommandeurmumm Says:

    Very cool article ^^
    Keep up the good work.

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