Welcome to Akiba Ferret! ^~^



Hi im Ohki and this is my new “life of an Otaku in Austria” Blog.

Its still under construction till i figure out all of the functions since this is my first try on something like a blog.

This blog will mainly focus on Anime and Figure reviews (i really love my figures ^~^) and Otaku related curiosity’s that cross my way.

This weekend is one of the two big anime conventions in austria calld “Made in Japan”

I will be there and take some pictures for an article here, so look forward to it! ^~^


4 Responses to “Welcome to Akiba Ferret! ^~^”

  1. Sat Says:

    Congrats to blog, Ohki.
    Looking forward to reading your articles.


  2. zekewm Says:

    Hello! Welcome! I’m kind a newcomer myself so…I guess I can’t really welcome you heh ;P but I’m an otaku too so I can relate to that!

  3. Gharon Says:

    It’s great that you decided to start this blog. ^^

    Also looking forward to new entries with interesting little outtakes of your life.

  4. Ryo Says:

    Hab grade alles gelesen.
    Bin schon gespannt auf zukünftige Einträge!^^

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