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Project Monster Hunter Gathering Hall Vienna

July 30, 2009

mohan post bannerOne of my currend projects is the organisation of a Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Gathering Hall in vienna ^~^. I liked monsterhunter since i played the first on my PS2, and now Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for the PSP finally arrived in Europe and im playing it together with some friends of mine. (more…)


Goodsmile Company´s Hiyori Pixy 1/8 Figure

July 27, 2009


My first figure review will be about Goodsmile Companys lovely Hiyori Pixy.

Shes originally a character from the eroge CHUxCHU IDOL by Union soft. Since shes from an eroge (Adult Video Game) this article contains some nudity ^~^ Not that she dosnt show enough skin already lol


The Otaku´s lair, part 1. ^~^

July 26, 2009

Q7250124Today was a fun day^~^. My pal root came over with his photo equipment and helpd me with some pictures for my first figure reviews. While we were at it i thought “why not take some pics of my desk and post them as well?”.


LuckyStar artbook and some other discoverys ^~^

July 21, 2009


Its official summer now… not my kind of season cause i hate the heat but i managed to drive to Vienna under the scorching sun and it was really worth it.


Technical Difficulty’s T.T

July 21, 2009


First of all sorry for the long downtime.

As you may have read the camera i wanted to use died a rather pathetic death before its first mission, i tried to get a replacement since then but the one i got faild horribly too. Now i finally got a decent one from my buddy Randolf and it looks like its going to work out well^~^. Im not very good at takeing pictures but i hope they will be good enough for you to enjoy.

Made in Japan 2009 Day 2

July 6, 2009


The Made in Japan 2009 is over and im slightly recovering from this two exhausting days of convention fun ^~^.

My Day 2 started really bad.  You remember the Camera without Batterys last post?

Well today i brought them but the Camera decided to die on me…, the light sensor broke, rendering it unusable.

Good that my Kameko pal Root sent me his pics and im not returning emptyhanded.


Made in Japan 2009 Day 1

July 5, 2009


Today was the first day of the Austrian anime convention “Made in Japan” in Wr.Neustadt. Its just about half an hour away from my apartment with a direct train connection, lucky me ^~^


Welcome to Akiba Ferret! ^~^

July 3, 2009


Hi im Ohki and this is my new “life of an Otaku in Austria” Blog.

Its still under construction till i figure out all of the functions since this is my first try on something like a blog.

This blog will mainly focus on Anime and Figure reviews (i really love my figures ^~^) and Otaku related curiosity’s that cross my way.

This weekend is one of the two big anime conventions in austria calld “Made in Japan”

I will be there and take some pictures for an article here, so look forward to it! ^~^